Our entire catalog is available for remote training (and possibly in-room, depending on circumstances). Unless otherwise specified, all predefined, multi-client sessions are in French; you’re naturally welcome to book custom sessions for your company on dates at your convenience.

  • 360° Git5 half-days, starting at €1,200 net

    Next session 14—18 June 2021 100% remote

    Discover, understand and master Git and its best practices in order to boost your productivity both on your own or in teams…

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  • Modern Web Apps4 days, starting at €1,440 net

    Next session 25—28 May 2021 100% remote

    Writing modern web apps with top-notch productivity: Webpack, ES2015+, React, Redux, TDD, Hot reloading, offline-first… towards PWAs!

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  • Node.js4 days, starting at €1,600 net

    Next session 18—21 May 2021 100% remote

    Discover and master Node.js whilst professionalizing and industrializing your JavaScript development practices

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  • 360° ES5 half-days, starting at €1,200 net

    Next session 31 May—4 June 2021 100% remote

    Three days to master 100% of today’s and tomorrow’s ECMAScript (JavaScript), and gain outstanding expertise.

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  • Webpack5 half-days, starting at €1,200 net

    From fundamentals to maintenability and customization to advanced optimizations: the reference training on that must-know bundler, up-to-date on Webpack 5.

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  • SwiftUI with John Sundell2 days, starting at €900 net

    Next session 23—24 September 2021 100% remote

    Join John Sundell, creator of Swift by Sundell, for two days full of workshops and training all about SwiftUI. Learn the fundamentals of building apps using Apple’s declarative UI framework, how to architect apps using it, and essential techniques for building robust data flows and state management

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