SwiftUI with John Sundell training

Some of the sessions for this course can be 100% remote

Join John Sundell, creator of Swift by Sundell, for two days full of workshops and training all about SwiftUI. Learn the fundamentals of building apps using Apple’s declarative UI framework, how to architect apps using it, and essential techniques for building robust data flows and state management.

The goal of this workshop is to prepare you for either writing new apps completely using SwiftUI, or to start adopting SwiftUI within existing UIKit-based iOS code bases. If you enjoy the Swift by Sundell website, podcast and videos — you’ll love these hands-on workshops!

Every SwiftUI update and improvement that will be announced by Apple during WWDC will be included in this training.

This training is organized by Swift Paris Trainings (aka Greg Lhotellier) in partnership with Delicious Insights.

  • World-renowned expert trainer
  • Multiple hands-on projects
  • State-of-the-art tech
  • Latest best practices


The SwiftUI training course empowers trainees to:

  • Get familiar with SwiftUI’s various APIs and views.
  • Learn the fundamentals of SwiftUI-based app development, focused on iOS.
  • Understand SwiftUI’s layout and state management systems.
  • Explore various architectural patterns and ways of building robust data flows for SwiftUI-based apps.


  1. Introducing SwiftUI

    • What’s SwiftUI?
    • Differences from previous Apple UI frameworks (UIKit, CoreAnimation…)
  2. Components overview

    • Built-in SwiftUI components
    • Built-in SwiftUI views
  3. Layout

    • How SwiftUI’s layout system works
    • Layout options available
  4. State management

    • Managing state within a SwiftUI view hierarchy
    • When to use what layout method?
  5. Bridging the gap between SwiftUI and UIKit

    • How to bring UIKit-based views into SwiftUI
    • How to bring SwiftUI-based views into UIKit
  6. View architecture

    • Architecting and structuring SwiftUI view implementations
    • When to build reusable components
    • How to compose views
  7. Data flows

    • Building increasingly sophisticated data flows between views
    • Optimizing for maintainability
    • Optimizing for robustness
  8. Dependency management

    • Managing dependencies within a SwiftUI-based app
    • Dependency injection

Next sessions

(Unless otherwise stated, every session has 4+ seats still available)


You registerPer trainee
1 to 2 trainees€1,275 net
3 to 4 trainees€1,088 net
5+ trainees€900 net

Intended audience and pre-requisites

The training takes place entirely in English, so a sufficient spoken understanding of English is mandatory.

Trainees must also have reasonable experience in developing apps with Swift and developing iOS apps with UIKit, and basic proficiency with Git and command-line tools. We emphasize that this training is not intended for complete beginners, but targeted at people with prior professional experience of app development with Swift and on iOS (not necessarily in the same setting).

Trainees must bring a Macbook capable of running Apple's developer tools with reasonable performance, and have the latest non-beta Xcode installed.


When the training starts, trainees receive all the related slides and supporting material in a web-based format, so they can easily follow along.

Once the training is done, they also get an extremely content-rich debrief e-mail, a reference archive with all finalized codebases (fully annotated and tested), all related slides and various complementary resources.


The training takes place in a private, commodious, well-lit, air-conditioned room with great functionality and ample comfort. All our venues are easily accessible by public transit and wheelchair-accessible.

Located in Paris, near Nation, they can be reached through no less than 5 subway lines, 1 RER line and 5 bus lines:

  • Subway Line 2 Philippe-Auguste or Alexandre Dumas
  • Subway Line 9 Charonne or Rue des Boulets
  • Subway Line 8 Faidherbe-Chaligny
  • Subway Line 1 Line 6 RER Line A Nation
  • Bus Line 26 Line 57 Line 86 Nation
  • Bus Line 56 Charonne-Voltaire or Boulets-Montreuil
  • Bus Line 76 Charonne-Philippe-Auguste
Delicious Insights

83 avenue Philippe-Auguste
75011 Paris

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You can also find a number of parking areas nearby.

  • Every trainee brings their own laptop or workstation.
  • Internet access is provided through a broadband connection. Training rooms offer a Wi-Fi access and, for the oddball situation, a wire-based Ethernet infrastructure.
  • Not living in the Paris area and looking for lodging? Why not go with Airbnb? They even have a business offering.
  • The laptop brought by the trainee must be a Macbook capable of running Apple's developer tools with reasonable performance, and have the latest non-beta Xcode installed.

  • Training sessions range from 5 to 10 trainees.

In-room, this training uses 7 hours a day, with a generous lunch break and a 20-minute mid-afternoon break. Remotely, it uses the 13h30–17h (1:30–5p) time slot (which doubles the span of days).

You can find all the details and modalities of registration, payment, cancellation and refunding in our Terms of Sale, along with our Conduct Policy.

Our main venue, for multi-client trainings (click to zoom):


John Sundell

John Sundell

John Sundell is the creator of Swift by Sundell. During the past three years, he’s helped over a million developers level up their skills through over 300 freely available articles and podcast episodes, and by speaking at top tech conferences around the world.

With over a decade of professional software development experience, working for companies like Volvo and Spotify — he’s now working with several teams of various sizes, to help them improve their skills, their code, and the products that they ship.

His goal is always to help the Swift and iOS developer communities as much as he can, to share his experiences working on all sorts of apps and software products, and to help others get more out of their work as software developers.