Our services for your projects

Betting on the right stack

We can help you with your technical choices. We closely monitor and explore the tech state of the art, our experience is huge, and our vision is sharp. We can help you avoid dead-ends, accelerate your projects and optimize your technological ROI. Let us show you the best paths.

Codebase audits

Whether you want to take stock of legacy code for a refactoring or a redesign, or efficiently clean up recent code to trim down future technical debt, we can review your codebases with your teams, make sure we’ve got all the right context, and craft a series of prioritized recommendations along multiple lines: quality, testing, performance, security, deprecations and dependencies… Don’t wait for that brick wall to hit.

Solid proofs of concept

Does your team want to validate technical or operational feasability, but it’s already up to its eyebrows in production tasks?

We can take the burden of prototyping and proof of concept off your shoulders and deliver qualitative, commented and even documented, state-of-the-art demos designed to serve as a readily-usable starter for your production projects.

Dev work for you

Do you need a lead dev?

You want to accelerate production, improve quality, imbue your team with best practices, in short leverage our deep expertise straight in your projects?

We can work right inside your team and contribute to your development projects by instillating our expertise, our return on experience and our commitment to healthy collaboration.

Quality automation

Quality is mostly about a mindset and matching processes. It so happens that most of it can be automated (especially about code), both producing and measuring it.

We can audit your processes, identify friction points and help you automate many facets of quality in a way that is repeatable and sustainable.