Upskill your dev with passionate experts

We love upskilling others

This is what drives us. We help developers grow their skills through training, consulting, auditing, and with our many articles, videos, livestreams and tutorials.

We want to maximize our value to you, so we only offer services around technologies we have a strong production expertise on: this way, we’ve been through the same challenges you face, we know when the docs aren’t enough, what this confusing error is about, and how to best pick this or that approach for a particular piece of code.

This is why our training catalog isn’t all over the place: we train on what we have deep, current knowledge of.

Live training is unbeatable

Pre-recorded, video courses have their uses (we bought many ourselves!), but they can only go so far. Live training with a true expert, whether in-person or remote, remains the best way to acquire new skills in a way that sticks.

Of course, they need to also be great at teaching. We make sure our trainers are great human beings who love their tech as much as teaching, and put their passion and soul into it.

Sure, this helps you retain knowledge better, but most of all, passion is contagious!

Helping you beyond training

Our deep expertise and massive experience are not just useful for training you.

We also love to help you with vetting a tech stack and architecture early on, audit your existing codebase to identify issues and keep technical debt under control, and even save you time and effort for your Proofs of Concept, especially when they seem like moonshots.

Whether before training, after training, or without training, we can help your actual projects move forward in the best possible way.

We 💖 developer communities

Software development is a wonderful world, with so many people putting in time and effort to provide us with great code and knowledge, all for free.

It’s only fair we try and pay it forward, however we can. In our mission to help all devs grow, sticking to trainees only would be hypocritical.

That’s why we’re always busy writing in-depth articles, protips, tutorials, recording videos, giving talks at conferences, meetups, BBLs, and more!

This makes for delightful encounters, helps us stay in tune with developer needs at large, and is, quite simply, very gratifying as humans.

So… how do we go about it?

We’re based in Paris, France. You’re likely not.

We do most of our international work remotely now, including training and we’re very good at it. In order to preserve our families, we currently stick to timezones no farther than 2 hours around ours, which is all of extended Europe (including Azores and Iceland) and most of the Arabian Peninsula.

That said, if you’re adamant on us being on-location, we can travel the world over, but we enforce a monthly ceiling on these days away. Get in touch, let’s talk about your needs, and we’ll figure out a way that works great for both of us.