About Delicious Insights

Our philosophy

Insight: noun (psycho.) “Sudden discovery of the correct solution following incorrect attempts based on trial and error.” This is why it’s best to leverage high-quality training and knowledge sharing, instead of just rooting around the Internet.

Finally gaining in-depth understanding of the concepts underpinning our daily work, but also of the tools executing it: that just feels great. It feels almost as good as when we suddenly detect that sparkle, that glimmer of epiphany in our trainees’ eyes.

It’s delicious, hence Delicious Insights. Passing on knowledge, again and always, sharing through our trainings, articles, conference talks, workshops, screencasts… To give you a boost, help you evolve, grow, blossom and thrive professionally. This is why we get up in the morning.

The fine crew…

Christophe Porteneuve

Christophe has been doing professional web work since 1995. He co-created Europe’s first production JSP portal in 1999, moving to J2EE before going with Ruby, Rails and finally Node.js.

A best-selling author of“Bien développer pour le Web 2.0” (“Best practices for modern web development”) at Eyrolles, he also wrote the reference book “Prototype and script.aculo.us” at Pragmatic Programmers, articles in various online magazines (most notably the widely-acclaimed A List Apart), and speaks at a number of conferences big and small.

In France, Christophe enjoys a solid reputation of expertise in the areas of front-end web dev (most notably JavaScript), Node.js, Git and Rails.

Christophe is the founder and CTO of Delicious Insights.

Maxime Bréhin

With a Masters of Computer Science scored in 2006, Maxime slogged for 5 years through the marshes of Java/Subversion in the FinTech consulting sector…

After a year in Australia in 2009, he turned to much more palatable techs: Ruby, Rails and Git. started working with Christophe in 2010, joining his R&D engineering team to design and implement e-commerce solution.

He succeeded Christophe as CTO there in 2012, to join him again 3 years later at DI.

Maxime is an R&D engineer at Delicious Insights.