360° ES training

The 360° ES training is the only course out there covering 100% of JavaScript’s latest generation features. It was designed to address the trainees that now and then came to us saying something like “I love the first day of your Node.js / Modern Web Apps courses, and your conference talks, but what I’m really yearning for is in-depth mastery of the latest features in the language, however niche or obscure”.

Delicious Insights enjoys a solid reputation of expertise on ECMAScript (JavaScript), and we love working with the under-used power of the language, so it only seemed natural to create a training course targeting trainees that want to become their entourage’s absolute go-to person for JS.

Thus was 360° ES born (the inevitable name of which finally triggered the long-deferred rebranding of 360° JS, now Modern Web Apps). In this course, you won’t find a single language aspect uncovered, not a single edge-case left aside... and not only do we cover the language’s latest version, we even explore what’s coming in the few next years! You’re in for three super-dense days: par for the course at DI.

  • 100% up-to-date language coverage
  • Metaprogramming
  • Edge cases
  • Niche aspects
  • Interactive exercices
  • Hidden powers
  • Upcoming features
  • Trainer contributes to JavaScript


The 360° ES training aims to empower trainees to:

  • Master 100% of latest-generation JavaScript
  • Improve their code’s maintainability and expressiveness
  • Write more idiomatic JS code
  • Get the most out of the language’s latest features
  • Leverage metaprogramming to reduce code quantity
  • Use advanced techniques to improve code security


  1. Syntactic sugar and comfort

    • Shorthand notations
    • Class syntax
    • Destructuring
    • Rest and Spread
    • Default values
    • Template strings (regular and tagged)
    • Trailing commas
    • Function autonaming
  2. Scope and binding

    • Block scopes with let and const
    • Arrow functions
  3. Iterability

    • Iterables
    • forof
    • Generators
  4. Numerical literals

    • Binary and octal
    • Number vs. parseInt / parseFloat
    • What’s coming post-ES2018…
  5. Standard library

    • Lots of new stuff in the stdlib
    • Sets and Maps
    • Typed arrays and buffers
  6. Unicode++

    • Unicode, why?
    • Extended Unicode support
    • A word about ES402
    • Coming soon...
  7. Async programming

    • A few reminders
    • Promises
    • async / await
  8. ES Modules

    • Where we come from
    • Imports, exports, live bindings and load semantics
    • Dynamic imports
    • Native support and transpiling
    • Best practices
  9. Symbols

    • Basics
    • Customizing native behavior
  10. Proxies

    • Goals and principles
    • Traps and the Reflect API
    • Concrete examples
    • Revocable proxies

Next sessions

(Sauf indication contraire, chaque date dispose d’au moins 4 places encore libres)


You registerPer trainee
1 to 2 trainees€1,500 net
3 to 5 trainees€1,350 net
6+ trainees€1,200 net
Loyalty discount€1,275 net

Intended audience and pre-requisites

The 360° ES training targets first and foremost developers who already have at least passing JavaScript experience, and wish to gain in-depth mastery of all language aspects, including the most advanced ones.**

A regular practice of JavaScript in actual operational contexts is desirable, ideally using ES2015+. On the other hand, there is no need whatsoever to already use the language’s more advanced facets (such as custom iterators, proxies, generators, weak maps, etc.): this is what this training is for!


When the training starts, trainees receive all the related slides and supporting material in a web-based format, so they can easily follow along.

Once the training is done, they also get an extremely content-rich debrief e-mail, a reference archive with all finalized codebases (fully annotated and tested), all related slides and various complementary resources.


The training takes place in a private, commodious, well-lit, air-conditioned room with great functionality and ample comfort. All our venues are easily accessible by public transit and wheelchair-accessible.

Located in Paris, near Nation, they can be reached through no less than 5 subway lines, 1 RER line and 5 bus lines:

  • Subway Line 2 Philippe-Auguste or Alexandre Dumas
  • Subway Line 9 Charonne or Rue des Boulets
  • Subway Line 8 Faidherbe-Chaligny
  • Subway Line 1 Line 6 RER Line A Nation
  • Bus Line 26 Line 57 Line 86 Nation
  • Bus Line 56 Charonne-Voltaire or Boulets-Montreuil
  • Bus Line 76 Charonne-Philippe-Auguste
Delicious Insights

83 avenue Philippe-Auguste
75011 Paris

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You can also find a number of parking areas nearby.

  • Every trainee brings their own laptop or workstation.
  • Internet access is provided through a broadband connection. Training rooms offer a Wi-Fi access and, for the oddball situation, a wire-based Ethernet infrastructure.
  • Not living in the Paris area and looking for lodging? Why not go with Airbnb? They even have a business offering.
  • No ahead-of-time setup on your machine is necessary.

  • Training sessions range from 4 to 10 trainees.

Typical daily schedules for the training, for a daily total of 7 hours hence a total of 21hr of training, are:

  • 9h45Welcome, breakfast (hot and cold beverages, French pastries)
  • 10hTraining starts
  • 12h30Lunch (included)
  • 13h45Training resumes
  • 16h15Break
  • 16h30Training resumes
  • 18hDay close

You can find all the details and modalities of registration, payment, cancellation and refunding in our Terms of Sale, along with our Conduct Policy.

Our main venue, for multi-client trainings (click to zoom):


Christophe Porteneuve

Christophe Porteneuve

Christophe has been doing professional web work since 1995. He co-created Europe’s first production JSP portal in 1999, moving to J2EE before going with Ruby, Rails and finally Node.js.

A best-selling author of“Bien développer pour le Web 2.0” (“Best practices for modern web development”) at Eyrolles, he also wrote the reference book “Prototype and script.aculo.us” at Pragmatic Programmers, articles in various online magazines (most notably the widely-acclaimed A List Apart), and speaks at a number of conferences big and small.

In France, Christophe enjoys a solid reputation of expertise in the areas of front-end web dev (most notably JavaScript), Node.js, Git and Rails.

Christophe is the founder and CTO of Delicious Insights.