Conduct policy
Updated on 29 April 2024

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This section applies to any in-room training session, as opposed to online sessions.

Venues for training sessions are kept clean and sanitary, and obviously offer restrooms and appropriate means of washing your hands.

Trainers and anyone in charge of the venues reserve the right to deny access to any trainee that would be exhibiting signs of a contagious disease, or fail to meet basic hygiene standards.

In times of higher sanitary requirements, such as during a pandemic, trainees commit to observing all appropriate “barrier” behaviors (such as social distancing, mandatory mask wearing even when sporting an up-to-date vaccine passport, frequent hand sanitization and refraining from touching other people in the room, etc.).

Trainees whose health situation requires specific attention or means during the session are required to inform the staff before the training contract is signed, in order to verify that their circumstances are compatible with the venu and staff for that session. Failing to clear this may result in the cancellation of the trainee’s attendance.


Training venues guarantee the security of attendants; in particular, they are guaranteed to be in conformance with all the latest health & safety regulations applicable to them.

In case of emergency, trainers and venue staff have all authority to demand and manage the evacuation of trainees.

Trainees make sure they do not bring to the venue any hazardous material, which includes but is not limited to: blade weapons (knifes, swords, etc.), firearms, inflamable products beyond personal hygiene items, radioactive substances, or devices whose electromagnetic radiation/field exceeds locally legal limits for public spaces.


Fire emergency instructions are visibly posted in any venue where Delicious Insights might welcome trainees and the general public. Trainees must familiarize themselves with it.

In case of an emergency, trainees must stop all activity and calmly follow instructions from representatives of Delicious Insights, the training venue, or emergency services.

Any trainee witnessing the start of a fire must immediately call emergency services by dialing the appropriate number from a landline or mobile phone, then alert a representative of Delicious Insights.

Drugs and Alcohol

Bringing or using any drugs or alcoholic beverages inside venues owned or rented by Delicious Insights is strictly forbidden. Trainees are forbidden to enter the premises while intoxicated, or become intoxicated when onsite. Any training session provides a variety of non-alcoholic drinks for trainees’ refreshment.

Smoking and vaping

It is stricly forbidden to smoke or vape inside venues owned or rented by Delicious Insights. Anyone wanting to do so must first exit the building.

Accidents and Injuries

Any trainee falling victim to an accident during the training session or whilst commuting to or from the training session, or witnessing such an accident, must immediately inform Delicious Insights.

The Delicious Insights representative will immediately trigger any appropriate first-aid action, call emergency services in if necessary, and supply required documentation to Social Security, when applicable.



Training hours

Trainees must observe the hours communicated to them prior by Delicious Insights (usually in summons e-mails). Lack of observance of that schedule may lead to sanctions. Barring exceptional circumstances, trainees cannot leave during training hours.

No-shows, late arrivals and early departures

When unable to show up on time or at all, or requiring early departure, trainees must inform Delicious Insights ahead of time with any relevant justification.

Delicious Insights immediately informs the financing entity (employer, administration, Region, Unemployment Office, etc.) of any such occurence. Any such event lacking justified particular circumstances constitutes a breach that may incur disciplinary actions.

Moreover, in accordance with articles R6341–45 of French Labor Law, trainees whose daily income is supplied by public entities may face withholding of said income for the time they were absent.

Attendance monitoring process

Trainees are required to sign the attendance sheet as the training progressed. Certain financing modes require one signature per half-day, plus an eventual review document.

When the training completes, the trainee receives an attendance certificate and any relevant documents necessary for their financing provider, that they can then forward.

The trainee provides Delicious Insights, with no delay, with any signed documents they may need as a supplier to obtain payment (e.g. expense or income requests, onboarding sheet, completion sheet, etc.).

Accessing training venues

Unless expressly authorized by Delicious Insights management, the trainee cannot:

  • enter the premises or remain in them for purposes other than the training course;
  • bring or facilitate third parties in the premises;
  • engage in selling goods or services on the premises.


Trainees are requested to show up for training wearing decent clothing.

Delicious Insights insists that “decent” here does not aim to censor any clothing specificities of the trainee’s culture or demands of their religion: it only relates to facets of cleanliness and generally accepted standards of modesty. In particular, religious signs, headscarves, kippas, turbans and other such items are allowed.

For remote sessions, that requirement only applies to the trainee’s webcam video framing (e.g. we don’t care if you’re in your underwear below the belt, as long as nobody has to see it).


Delicious Insights training sessions occur in a friendly atmosphere thanks to the decency and general good will of everyone. They aim to be inclusive, “safe spaces” for everyone.

If a trainee experiences hostile, outrageous, aggressive or generally inacceptable attitude of any kind during a training session, they are encouraged to take this up with the trainer, who is expressly authorized to demand the immediate stop of said behavior.

In such a context, refusal to comply, or reiteration by the faulty party would lead to their being expelled from the session and venue, the training’s whole price remaining due. A written report signed by the trainer and staff would then be addressed by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt to the offendant’s employer or, for freelancers and individuals, to the offendant themselves, at the address provided upon registration.

Extreme situations could and would result in judicial process and sueing of the offendant by Delicious Insights, as we put a very strong emphasis on the serenity and well-being of our trainees during our sessions.

Disciplinary actions

Disciplinary sanctions

Any failure by trainees to observe the prescriptions of this Conduct Policy may result in a sanction being applied by a Delicious Insights representative. Any behavior found to be faulty may, depending on its nature and gravity, result in any of the following consequences:

  • formal reminder;
  • temporary eviction from the session;
  • permanent eviction from the session.

Penalties and any fiduciary sanctions are forbidden.

The Delicious Insights representative informs the following entities of any sanction being applied:

  • The trainee’s employer or administration;
  • the training contract’s financing entity.

As Delicious Insights’ training sessions are short, some categories of sanctions do not apply, such as various stages of formal warnings.

In addition, the full amount of the training contract remains due in case of eviction, as it constitutes a loss of earnings for the training session. If the financing partner has withholding clauses in place, the remaining amount becomes the trainee’s personal debt, or if their employer provides a written agreement to that effect, their employer’s debt. It gets invoiced to the proper party.

Disciplinary guarantees

No sanction can be applied to a trainee without them having been previously informed of any charges held against them.

As Delicious Insight’s training sessions are short (usually 1 to 4 days long), they leave no place for longer procedures with registered mail, interviews, and so on. If a sanction goes beyond a form warning, the following condensed procedure occurs:

  1. A Delicious Insights representative notifies the trainee of any charges held against them.
  2. Should the trainee dispute said charges, they can request a private interview with the representative; if the latter is also the trainer in charge, the training session may adjourn for no longer than 30 minutes.
  3. The trainee can elect to have a third person assist them, provided that person was a direct witness of the events leading to said charges.
  4. Upon completion of the interview, that shall not exceed 30 minutes if it interrupts the training session, a final decision is taken by the Delicious Insights representative, with no possibility of appeal. The mesure takes immediate effect, be it temporary or permanent.