So much more than just coding for you

You might have called upon us early in your project, so we could help you pick the right stack. Or perhaps a bit farther down the line, to delegate a critical POC. Except now, it’s high time to ship it! And your team has been hard-pressed to deliver by itself so far; it needs help.

If your tech scope matches our (wide) range of skills, then we’d love to help!

Unmatched experience

At Delicious Insights, we’re not just into training, far from it.

We have multiple decades of experience in software development, usually blending R&D and production work. We actually refuse to train on topics we don’t have extensive production experience in, because that would deprive us from that o-so-important real-world feedback we want to bring to our trainees. We keep a production activity through regular internal projects and client work too.

Your ideal staff engineer

This is a far cry from your usual senior SWE, let alone junior SWE, who often have less than 10 years experience, may not have any formal CS education (hence lack baggage in algorithmics, architecture, etc.) and whose first actual employer might just be you.

Our past work comprises projects of all sizes, covering a wide gamut of stacks and human, operational, methodological, and budgetary contexts, towards a variety of markets.

Most importantly, we don’t just bring enormous tech expertise to the table. We outgrew jumping feet-first on the latest shiny new toy, or still believing in toxic tropes such as “rockstars,” “ninjas,” or “10x developers” that promote the silly story of an isolated savior working in his cave. We know full well that a team that delivers is, precisely, a team. With a healthy atmosphere, a diversity of viewpoints and lives, efficient communication, egos kept in check, emulation, kindness and, indeed, a healthy dose of giggling.

We love nothing more than helping others grow professionally. (Why do you think we love training and speaking so much?) We’re not interested in coming down the clouds to save your project’s timeline, only to wander off and leaving your project to wither after us. We’re in it to build a sustainable project and help shape your team so we’re all confident it can keep growing and scaling it anyway you’d like long after we’re gone.

Complementary service

A cool thing is, we’re expert trainers too.

If we come to realize together that some of our trainings would be great for your team, we can figure out bridges between our dev activity and our trainings, at discounted prices and possibly tailored to your actual project work!

Let’s keep it flexible

We do client dev just like freelances do, with a predefined daily rate (using a global volume range commitment) and monthly invoicing with matching time sheet.

You probably guessed our daily rate is closer to the top of the bucket than to market’s bottom. It so happens we’re also way (way) more productive than most, and in general have a lot more to bring to your teams beyond mere coding. We’re likely one of the best investments you could make for your dev team.

We can work remotely or with a bit of in-office (if you have a Paris office, or on a very sporadic basis anywhere in the world), in English or French.

And we can revise the terms of all this anytime, together, in a logical and respectful manner.

Anything is possible, so get in touch! If you’d like, we’d love to get to know your team ahead of time, either online or in-room, perhaps for a short BBL-style tech talk, so we can feel the vibe together.

Get in touch!