Helping you bet on the right stack

When a project starts, you make technological choices. You define its “stack”.

These choices have a massive impact on how well your project is initially developed, then determine the size of its technical debt from then on. Sub-optimal decisions about specific techs or scope can drastically handicap both initial development and later maintenance.

Make our experience work for you

At Delicious Insights, we have been in this industry over 25 years, during which we honed our ability to quickly evaluate how relevant technologies and approaches are on the short, medium and long terms.

Our wide tech radar provides us with informed opinions on both well-established tech and the latest shiny stuff.

Finally, we enjoy a large, very diverse set of returns of experience from our hundreds of trainees every year, in addition to our own production activity, which helps us recontextualize all of this based on real-world feedback, away from hollow marketing promises.

For all these reasons, we have a lot of offer for you during initial tech scoping, stack-choosing and application architecture phases.

React or Vue? Redux, MobX, Pinia? Jest and Testing-Library, Cypress, Playwright? CRA or Vite? Should you prioritize unit tests, integration tests or E2E tests? Should you go with a BFF framework such as Next or Remix? TypeScript or JavaScript? What about CI? CSS Modules, Styled Components or something else? Tailwind CSS or not? And what about your data loading: orchestrated by the router or the application state? Using TanStack Query, RTK Query, SWR, Apollo or something else? Should the API use REST or GraphQL? Should we use Storybook, and in what capacity for our development process?

And so many other questions still…


We can come in and help at any point in this scoping phase: early on, in the middle of it, near the end… Making better choices at this stage carries one of the best returns on investments you could ever get for your project.

In-room or remotely, sync or async, in English or French… we meet your processes in a fluid, flexible manner, over a couple hours or more, to help you stay clear of dead-end, false good ideas and toxic choices.

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