360° ES and Webpack: 2 new training courses!
Published on 25 September 2017 • 3 min

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You pined and whined and begged for it, here they are, finally: our two new training courses, 360° ES and Webpack ! Here’s a quick tour…

360° ES: for aspiring JS gurus

Over the past 2 years, our JS trainings opened with a first day dedicated to bringing everyone up to speed on the best parts of ES2015 (“ES6”), but obviously there are limits to what can be covered in just a few hours.

Time and again, someone came up to us wishing for a course that would cover, in great detail, 100% of the language, naturally updated for the latest generation: ES2017, ES2018, etc. Yes, complete with the hidden subtleties, obscure features and super-advanced items, there was a definite need out there!

As for us, considering how much we love JS, especially this type of hidden gems we hardly ever touch upon during training classes, this kind of plea could not remain unaddressed forever…

So here comes 360° ES.

You’ll know it all, and you’ll know it now

We dredged up all the docs and reference specs on the language, in its latest incarnation (ES2017), and drafted a curriculum that could cover all this, in its deepest recesses. Generators? Obviously. Proxies? You betcha. Well-known symbols? You said it. Tagged template strings? Definitely.

Nothing is left aside, it could double as a pedantic quiz: is undefined a valid Map key? What parts of its API are not available on the weak variant? What are the pros and cons of a return await?

Back to the future

And we didn’t stop there. At Delicious Insights, we track ECMAScript closely (ECMAScript is the standard commonly referred to as “JavaScript”; that’s why this course is 360° ES), we even contribute to it at our small level. Tons of great new features are in the pipes, often already usable, or at least testable, thanks to JS runtime vendor initiative and Babel transforms.

So you’ll also find everything that we know is going to make the next version, plus a few nuggets that will only become 100% offficial later on! Private fields, new RegExp capabilities, Temporal, native observables… That’s a lot of cool new toys!

All the details on 360° ES, that JS training that rocks

Webpack: superpowers

There was Grunt, Gulp, Brunch, Broccoli, Browserify, Rollup… Eventually, in the world of bundlers (these tools that take a ton of various development assets and spew out a few well-crafted production files), Webpack now stands as the leading player. Faster, better at optimizing, more customizable, nicer for development… its benefits are legion.

Isn’t it scary tho?

Still, Webpack suffered, in the beginning, of docs that were rich but poorly organized and sometimes missing, and its wealth of features was quite intimidating to many, making them feel overwhelmed by obsolete examples and contradictory third-party tutorials.

To infinity, and beyond!

Nevertheless, Webpack remains peerless for efficient bundling of front-end web apps, producing finely tuned, tailor-made bundles for each app’s specific set of needs. When doing it right, you can easily keep your configurations from getting unwieldy, even for super complex use cases.

This training course starts at zero and provides all the keys to build, step by step, Webpack configurations that remain maintainable, composable and reusable as they grow, from bare-bones use cases to extremely involved situations.

It’s just that “360° Webpack” didn’t quite sound right

Besides, our training course doesn’t stop at optimizing your web app’s boot time, it also focuses on developer experience, by speeding up everything we can: development feedback lookup, incremental build speed, final build time, etc.

You’ll even learn how to write your own Webpack loaders and plugins: that’s how comprehensive the curriculum is!

In short, a skill set and know-how that is now a must-have for anyone writing rich JS code targeting browsers.

All the details on Webpack, the reference training course

We’re looking forward to training you!