Mastering GitHub: just released!
Published on 2 May 2016 • 2 min

It’s here!

Last December, we had told you about the release of the first-parter in our GitHub training video series: Learning GitHub. We had then hinted at the second part, aimed at topics even more advanced.

Well, here it is: Mastering GitHub is out, 5+ more hours of amazing content that covers intricate areas:

  • All about GitHub Pages. Not just the fire-and-forget generator approach, but all the way to full-on manual Jekyll usage, complete with plugins, metadata, etc.
  • Remember that GitHub Pages are not just a great way to put up online docs about your project (perhaps through a GitBook), but also offer fast, CDN’d HTTPS-capable static hosting, which is great for live tech demos of stuff like Service Workers and other “privileged APIs.”
  • Wizard Tricks explores secret features accessible only through URL tweaking, keyboard shortcuts, Gist local cloning, and more. Plenty of power lurks under the surface!
  • We showcase integration with external services through multiple live demos of registering at, and hooking with, numerous types of services in the GitHub ecosystem, and demonstrating them in use: from advanced issue management to quality monitoring to continuous integration to chat rooms, we cover all typical use cases and unveil a world of opportunities for you and your team!
  • GitHub’s API gets a great run-through with comprehensive demos that have us put together a custom continuous integration service (touching on third-party app authentication, Web Hooks, the Pull Requests API and the Statuses API, among other things), plus a quick multi-file Gist creation tool straight from the command-line, and wrap up with a nifty issue-to-pull-request CLI converter.
  • Finally, we delve into Advanced Account Management, from the details of billing to the nitty-gritty of GitHub Organizations, their specific workflows, management methods and extra requirements when handling stuff like repo transfer or third-party app authorization, for instance.

We worked in close touch with GitHub Training to make sure we left nothing unexplored. Sure, GitHub has recently woken from a mild feature slumber and started pushing a lot of new stuff out, but the content remains 100% relevant.

We are extremely proud and happy to see the finished product hit market, and you can event get it at 50% off (or more!) on May 3, 2016 for the #DayAgainstDRM!

Show me the goods, now!

You can check it out right now:

We hope you’ll love it and look forward to your feedback!